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Wi-Fi IP Phone
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  • PEW290 is a very innovative advanced wireless IP phone developed by Pearl. It has ability to access Wi-Fi, and it fully meets the high-end business collaboration communication needs. PEW290N adopts 132 x64, graphic dot matrix screen, 4 line shows, elegant user interface design, clear and vivid operation, with excellent experience.

    Moreover, PEW290N is equipped with DSPG chip, HD handset and HD hands free, HD encoding (g. 722), to provide users with a unique, vivid audio experience, rich business function greatly improves the work efficiency. 

    2 Lines Professional Wi-Fi IP Phone
    132*64 graphic LCD,
    2 line 2 SIP accounts,
    Adjustable bracket, Wall-Mounted,
    HD Voice, XML/LDAP, headset, 2xRJ45, PoE, USB Charger.
    WIFI access: IEEE b/g/n, WPA/WPA2 and 64/128 bit WEP encrypt,
    include Power adapter, USB(charge mobile phone)
    PoE is optional

  • Features
    1. Adopt the DSPG chipset
    2. One 100BASE-T Ethernet interface
    3. 132 x64 graphic dot matrix display, 5 lines shows (including one line display icon)
    4. High-fidelity sound quality: handle HD and HD hands-free, HD encoding
    5. 2sip accounts, support BLF/BLA, Open VPN
    6. Support the Tripartite meeting, SMS, voicemail
    7. Support line sharing (BLA), hold lamp (BLF)
    8. Supports call waiting and circuit switching
    9. Multi-Language
    10. Supports a variety of method of automatic configuration: FTP/TFTP/HTTP Auto Provision/TR069 automatic upgrades, installation is convenient
    11. Support TLS/HTTPS encryption protocol
    12. RJ-9 earphone. 3.5mm MIC interface.
    13. Support 2account lines, hotline
    14. Support calls holding, calls waiting and calls transfer
    15. Call transfer (blind turn, turn)
    16. Caller id, redial, mute, don't disturb
    17. Auto answer, conference
    18. Speed-dial, SMS, voicemail
    19. Message lamp, the state signal, the volume control
    20. IP direct dial
    21. Custom ring tone
    22. Phonebook search/ import /export (300), black list
    23. Call records: dial calls/received calls/miss calls /
    24. Friendly user interface
    25. Support one key quit menu (button c)
    26. Support one key to view version number and network state(button c)
    27. Support Hardware diagnostics
    28. Multi-Language
    29. Programmable keys

    Advanced features
    1. Xml phonebook search and import, help users quickly find number and one key to call
    2. Enterprise phonebook
    3. LDAP phonebook
    4. Dial to find
    5. Search Phone Book
    6. Customizable home screen
    7. Compatible with the mainstream IP PBX, as: Broad soft/Avaya/Asterisk
    8. Intercom, paging
    9. BLF/BLA
    10. Intercom, Paging
    11. Dial plan, call immediately
    Audio features
    1. Wideband encoding: G.722 
    2. Narrow band encoding: G. 711.μ/A, G723.1, G.729AB
    3. Support VAD, CNG, AEC, PLC, AJB, AGC, such as audio processing ribbon coding
    4. Full duplex speaker, with automatic echo elimination (AEC) 
    Network features 
    1. Support SIP v1(RFC2543), v2(RFC3261)
    2. Support DNS-SRV?RFC3263?
    3. Support STUN
    4. 3 DTMF model: In-band, RFC2833, SIP INFO
    5. Support the proxy server and point to point connection mode
    6. Network model: static, DHCP, PPPOE
    7. Support WIFI: Connection Model 802.11b/g?802.11b/g/n?802.11b?802.11n?802.11g?802.11g/n
    8. WIFI transmission distance: outside without blocking is 400M, inside without blocking is 100M.
    9. Support bridge and router model
    10. Support TFTP/DHCP/PPPOE terminal
    11. Support DNS client, built-in NAT/DHCP service
    12. Login, logout in the web page
    Configuration manager
    1. Support FTP/TFTP/HTTPS automatic configuration
    2. Support 3 configuration models: web page, phone and auto provision
    3. Support TR069 (choice)
    4. Load default setting, capture package and system log export 
    1. Support VPN, VLAN QOS (802.1pq)
    2. LLDP
    3. Support TLS (Transport Layer Security)
    4. Support HTTPS (client)
    5. Support TLS (Transport Layer Security)
    6. Support information authentication mechanism MD5
    7. Support AES encryption protocol
    8. Support phone locks, support the Root/User level management mode

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