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  • PEC5200 is an all-in-one box solution designed especially for small and medium size enterprises to meet their increasingly diverse demands of communication service. PEC5200 is adhering to the high reliability design concept of the series of PEC5200, and with higher density, higher flexibility designed to meet the needs of the operators and corporate customers. 

    Using advanced software & hardware technology and carrier-class design, PEC5200 performs with high reliability. The system which uses high-performance CPU and DSP, embedded real-time operating system and efficient algorithm, processes outstanding properties. With multiple plug-in modules, PEC5200 can support many kinds of interface board, provide different services according to different needs, and expand capacity easily.


    PEC5200 support carrier-class redundant board and redundant network, any nods in case of disaster or damage, the system standby switchover in time to ensure the normal operation of the system.


    On network side, in order to realize the interoperation between enterprise and public network, PEC5200 is equipped with the in-built trunk gateway function. For the branches of enterprise, multi-PEC5200 can be separately deployed in different places, and interconnected with each other through intranet; for temporary office, the office telephone can be linked directly by IAD which with FXO interfaces. With PEC5200, branches in different places unifying the dialing plan, enterprise can save a large amount of long-distant telephone charge.


    PEC5200 which supports comprehensive basic services, rich supplementary service, along with SM, fax and other digital services, can meet the diverse need of enterprise and satisfy the customers to the utmost. Meanwhile, the system also goes with matched servers, providing more flexible value-added services including voice mail, fax, call center, operator console, dispatch system, etc.


    System design

    Ÿ 4U 19” Box with carrier-class design
    Ÿ High-performance CPU、FPGA and DSP chips
    Ÿ Distributive modularized software architecture with professional operating system
    System capacity
    Ÿ 176 FXS ports
    Ÿ 4 E1 ports
    Ÿ Support redundant Main Process Unit
    Ÿ SIP/MGCP/H.323/T.38
    Ÿ PRI/SS7
    Ÿ Radius
    Service functions
    Ÿ Basic Services (Support broad/narrow band, wireless user)
    Ÿ Rich supplementary Services & flexible value-added Services
    Ÿ Call centre/dispatching control centre
    Ÿ Embedded SBC function
    Ÿ   Basic: voice, fax, video
    Ÿ   Supplementary: CID, CFU, CFB, CFNA, CFNR, CFOL, CT, CW, own No. query, IVR, 3-paties, conference, number sharing, one number, etc
    Ÿ   Value-added: voice mail, card service, pre-pay, call center, conference reservation, call-out immediate conference,Conference Bridge, operator console, dispatching control center etc.
    Mobile technology
    Ÿ   Wi-Fi, PHS(RPC/CSC/EP300), GSM
    Ÿ   Embedded HLR/VLR/SM gateway, roaming, switching, locating
    Ÿ   SMPP, SMAP
    Operation and maintenance
    Ÿ   Centralized NMS, multipoint management, centralized call tracking and statistics service with WEB GUI
    Ÿ   Online self-services and navigation configuration with WEB GUI
    Ÿ   CDR output, radius interface, call ticket management with WEB GUI
    Ÿ   Signaling tracing tool, FE port mirroring
    System capacity
    Ÿ   BHCA > 30K
    Ÿ   GK/SIP server registration
    Ÿ   Trunk call under GK/SS control
    Ÿ   SIP/H.323/MGCP/SS7/PRI conversion
    Ÿ   Automatic routing, alternate routing
    Ÿ   Called/caller number conversion
    Ÿ   Call restriction(15 ranges), black and white lists, Stopping and Resetting Service, time restriction
    Ÿ   User grouping, queuing, select successively, call pick-up
    Ÿ   1000 caller number pooling
    Ÿ   SS7 caller number hiding
    Ÿ   Embedded IVR, sound reproduction
    Ÿ   Card services, pre-pay service
    Ÿ   Call ticket uploading to Radius
    Ÿ   CDR uploading to NM
    VoIP performance
    Ÿ Silence suppression and Echo cancellation
    Ÿ Loss compensation, dynamic jitter buffer
    Ÿ Detection/ suppression /generation of DTMF/FSK
    Ÿ G.711、G.723.1、G.729、G.726-32、T.30、T.38、FR、EFR、AMR
    Ÿ 176mm(H)*324.2mm(D)Weight: 15kg
    Ÿ AC input: 170V-260V, 50/60Hz
    Ÿ DC input: -48V
    Ÿ Consumption: 150W
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