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Weatherproof Phone
Watertight Telephone
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  • It is specially designed to use in high wet environment of all kinds of electric power tunnel, with the characteristics of high protection, and low power consumption. A line can support 10 sets of telephones, and the standard of DTMF code sending exceeds 10 kilometers. With 1W speakers built-in, voice is clear and loud. The transmission distance could reach to 10 kilometers without additional power supply.

  • 1. Product features
     Automatically dial with one button
     Call time limited
     Send address code of this machine, and code sending time can be adjustable
     High waterproof, dustproof performance, full aluminum phone cover, IP66 protection grade.
     Sprayed with imported reflective lacquer on the surface, bright color, 5-10 years not fading, completely conform to the standards of GB/T5237.2-2000.


    2. Scope of application
    It is applied to highway for emergency call, railway or subway for interval telephone call, and tunnels, electric tunnels for maintenance call.


    3. Technical Parameters
     Ambient temperature:-30 ~ +60 degree; Relative humidity: 10%~95%
     Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa Circumstance noise: less than 60dB (A)
     Sound level of ringing: over 70dB (A).
     Standard frequency: low frequency group: 697. 770. 852. 941Hz,
     High frequency group: 1209. 1336. 1477Hz, frequency deviation:-1.5% ~ +1.5%
     If service line is a 3Km signal - level:
     Standard frequency: low frequency group:-12dB~-6dB, high frequency group:-10dB~-4dB, level difference between low and high frequency of compound signal: 0dB~3dB, the total distortion caused by intermodulation of harmonic wave is lower than the basic level by at least 20dB.
     Call transmission index :(5KM) SLR<12, RLR<-1, STMR>10, output impedance is 600 Ohm
     Parameter is kept in EEPROM, no losing with power-fail.


    4. Function introduction:
     Automatic dial-up function: press dial-up keys, 3 ~ 5 seconds for you will be designated to dial the number.
     Call time limited: Automatically start seven minutes timing when connecting a telephone. When time is up, phone automatically hangs up in order to prevent lines occupied because of long conversation.
     Send address code: Press the answering button when there is a phone call. Then send address code within 2s after answering. When call out, press the call button, send out this phone address code within 1-63s.Achieve the function of delay time through the internal dial-the-code switch.



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