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Emergency SOS Telephone
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  • The telephone is compatible with most of simulative or digit telephone distance control exchanger. Mainly used as handset free sound telecommunication in hazardous work environment.


    1. As Public telephone for indoor or outdoor, Taxi or bus stands or station, Highway call box, Railway, metro, ATM machines side, Tunnel, Port, Dock, Mines, Generation facilities...
    2. A good ideal telephone for use in wet or corrosive atmospheres


    Main Features:
    1. Analogue / IP/VIOP optional
    2. Metal body. Mechanical hook switch
    3. Autodial when phone is picked up.
    4. The speed-dial number can be optionally set or changed by keypad and its very easily operated.
    5. Tally with the full function of the common telephone
    6. Wearable, waterproof, moisture proof, Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware
    7. Lightening protection to ITU-T K.21
    8. Handset integrity wiring to enable the telephone system to check if the telephone unit is still operational.
    9. Selectable 7 minute time out
    10. Stainless steel keypad withstands high loads.
    11. The stainless steel armoured handset cord is manufactured to withstand high tensile forces.



  • 1. Applicable for various types of SPC exchange and dispatching exchange system with feeding voltage of 33-60V.
    2. Ambient temperature: -30 ~ +60 degree
    Relative humidity: 10%~95%
    Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa
    Circumstance noise: <60dB (A)
    3. Sound level of ringing: >70dB (A).
    4. Standard frequency: low frequency group: 697, 770, 852, 941Hz, high frequency group: 1209, 1336, 1477Hz, frequency deviation: -1.5%~+1.5%
    If service line is a 3Km signal-level:
    Standard frequency: low frequency group: -12dB~-6dB, high frequency group: -10dB~-4dB, level difference between low and high frequency of compound signal: 1dB~3dB, the total distortion caused by intermodulation of harmonic wave is lower than the basic level by at least 20dB.
    5. Call transmission index: (5KM) SLR<12, RLR<-1, STMR>10, output impedance is 600 Ohm.
    6. Super strong function is available for dialing 12 groups of numbers stored in the memory (maximum length of each number is16 digits)




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