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Elevator Phone
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  • 1. Analogue phone, hand free push for help
    2. Built-in 4 group of memory Sequence dial
    3. Auto answer and auto stop
    4. Remote or local modify speed dial telephone
    5. Built-in message record
    6. LED indicator on the button
    7. Dry contact for CCTV
    8. Built-in camera
    9. Built-in loud speaker
    10. Noise canceling microphone




  • Main Features:

    1. Analogue phone, hand free telephone, push for help.
    2. Metal body stainless steel 304 (we can make stainless steel 316 as optional).
    3. Built-in 4 group of memory, sequence dial, if the first number doesn’t answer dial to the next number.
    4. Auto answer and auto stop if the other side stopped.
    5. Remote or local modify speed dial telephone number.
    6. Built-in message record can be programmable, auto report location.
    7. LED indicator for dialing or answered to make sure seek help message received.
    8. Time out function to avoid line engaged.
    9. Handset free, with built-in loud speaker.
    10. Waterproof grade in IP55 11. Lighting protection to ITU-T K.21.
    12. The metal shell is provided with grounding.
    13. Mounting with stainless steel tamper proof screws against shief.
    14. Dry contact ready if customers need this for CCTV.
    15. With built-in camera (optional).
    16. with external loud speaker (15w) for broadcast (optional).
    17. Dry contact for External Camera (optional).
    1. Applicable for various types of SPC exchange and dispatching exchange system with feeding voltage of 48-69V. Work with Pair cable.
    2. Basis on PBX analogue telephone
    3. Operating temperature:-10℃~ +55℃ Relative humidity:10%~95%
     Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa Circumstance noise:≤ 60dB (A)
    The ERT assembly housing weather proof with an IP rating of IP55
    4. Sound level of ringing:≥70dB (A)
    5. Power supply: DC 9-24V @200mA power supply or 9V DC battery or 8.4V Ni MH Battery
    6. Dial: DTMF
    7. Responses frequency: 550Hz-3400Hz, +/- 3db
    8. Operate loop impedance: 600 ohms




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