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Wireless Access Point was Launched
[Pearl Electronics Group]  Rona 
March 19, 2014  

Pearl PES10 Intrinsic Safety Wi-Fi Base Station (Wireless Access Point), characterized by Wi-Fi access, gigabit switching capability, photoelectric signal interface, intrinsic safety circuit design, SIP internet telephony and wireless firewall, is the comprehensive equipment for wireless data transmission for mineral, petrification, railway and port industries, and provides a wide range of application owing to its advanced technology, safe and reliable performance and multiple peripheral interfaces.


Product features
1. Adopting intrinsic safety circuit design that is safe and reliable; obtaining intrinsic safety certification or relevant certifications with no revisions;
2. Adopting industrial grade design with strict model selection for components; protective paint provided on mainboard;
3. High processing capacity for the 680M MIPS processor as the main CPU;
4. Supporting 1000M Ethernet switching capability; supporting two optical ports, two electrical ports and STP function;
5. Supporting two independent Wi-Fi RF modules that both support 802.11a/b/g/n, which effectively enhances coverage and networking flexibility (both intended for wireless coverage, or one for wireless coverage and the other for wireless bridging);
6. Supporting wireless firewall to alleviate the impact of cable network data on wireless bandwidth and effectively improve the communication quality of wireless network ;
7. Associating with Pearl Wi-Fi cell phone to provide better wireless performance and power saving;
8. Owning completely independent intellectual property for hardware and software; customizing as required.


Safety performance
1. Industrial grade design
2. Protection class: IP66
3. Explosive-proof grade: ExibI Intrinsic Safety


Safety protocol
1. Encryption mode: WEP/WPA/WPA2
2. Supporting the access management of MAC address


Wireless parameters
1. Wireless accesses: two;
2. Wireless frequency: 2400MHz?2483MHz;
3. Wireless standard: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n;

4. Wireless bridging between base stations;
5. Adjustable wireless transmit power, supporting 100mW and 400mW;
6. External high gain directional antenna.


Wired connection parameters
1. Port type: SMF (1310nm), RJ45 (Ethernet)
2. Port selection: 2 optical and 2 electrical
3. Transmission rate: 100/1000Mbps


Wireless firewall
1. Supporting wireless firewall that can effectively alleviate the impact of cable network data on wireless network;
2. Improving the communication quality of wireless network and reducing power consumption of Wi-Fi cell phone;


Wireless firewall technology:


Please contact us at sales@pearlelectronics.com if you are interested this model. You can visit our website at www.electronicsharbor.com.




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