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Wi-Fi Real Time Location System
[Pearl Electronics Group]  Allen Luo 
June 10, 2014  

Wi-Fi RFID Systems
Real Time Locating, Auto Identification, Wireless Sensing

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an intangible automatic identification technology. Through radio signal, RFID systems automatically identify the targets and obtain relevant data without human intervention. RFID systems identify various moving or still objects, such as, equipment, vehicles and people simultaneously. RFID is widely used in enterprise to improve the efficiency of inventory tracking and asset management.


PEARL innovated Wi-Fi RFID is an active RFID system based on the widely adopted Wireless LAN (or called Wi-Fi). It supports the transmit-only protocol IEEE 802.11. Wi-Fi RFID system is characterized by long range, accurate reading, low total cost of ownership, and easy use. The unique capability of Wi-Fi RFID system is to track the precise location of personnel and assets. Wi-Fi RFID system consists of tags, Wi-Fi AP (Access Point) and tracking software. PEARL Wi-Fi RFID supports various ranges of APs including Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus and more.

How it works
Wi-Fi RFID tag stores the unique ID (MAC address) and sensor data in a certain format. In practice, the tag is attached to asset or personnel. Tag transmits its ID and data periodically. Wi-Fi APs automatically scan the ID and the data from the tag, and transmit to computer for further processing to achieve automatic identification and real-time tracking and locating.

System Components
Wi-Fi RFID system consists of Wi-Fi terminals, APs, and Server software, as shown in the below figure:


1. Wi-Fi Terminal
a) PEARL Wi-Fi Tags (PET-200): Each tag has unique 48 bit ID, battery powered
b) Wi-Fi Phones, Pads, Laptops including iOS equipment

2. Wi-Fi AP
a) Enterprise grade APs: Cisco, Aruba, Trapeze, Strix, Meru, Siemens, etc. (Note: AP or AC must support reporting of terminal MAC and RSSI function).
b) PEARL AP Locators (PEL series): In addition to normal AP function, AP locator can scan WiFi tag MAC and alert.

3. Tracking and Locating Server
Software for record Tag ID and calculating tag position.

Advantages of Wi-Fi RFID System
1. Based on standard Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11;
2. Transmit only Wi-Fi tag with low power and low cost, not required to associate with AP
3. Reuse of most existing WLAN network, keeping the infrastructure cost low ;
4. Identify any kind of Wi-Fi equipment, such as smart phones, Pads;
5. Track the precision location of personnel and assets up to 3 meters;
6. Long range up to 300 meters or more;
7. Reading error rate is almost zero;
8. Easy integration, and simple operation;
9. Healthier and safer with ultra-low power consumption and no radiation pollution.



Product Information




Locating Server Software
1. Locating Server consists of Locating Engine and Locating Monitor. The main functions include:
2. Real Time position and search
3. Record and reply moving trace
4. Area warning, button warning, disappeared warning
5. Warning if leaving assigned path
6. Web based map to display position and alert
7. Support APIs to integrate with other software


More information about Wi-Fi Real Time Location System please contact us at sales@pearlelectronics.com.

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