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Video LED flashlight was launched
[Pearl Electronics Group]  Rona Tao 
January 22, 2014  

Video LED flashlight is widely used in the field of electric power, oil, petrochemical, gas maintenance, military, police, and mining enterprises. It is efficient and practical security equipment. It is the best helper to collect valid evidence.

Special features: Attack lamp, with a denial of pain, uniforms, and high rigidity aluminum alloy material, waterproof compression and drop, can withstand strong impact, at high temperature and harsh environment under normal use.


Features and performance:
1. Function: Multi-camera flashlight with lighting, camera, sound recording and other functions;
2. Source: The three original American CREE LED, life of up to one hundred thousand hours, long service life, energy saving, high luminous efficiency, maintenance-free, without follow-up to the use of cost;
3. Light output: light - low light - Police flash, light profile: 600 lumens, low-light file: 300 lumens, you can design a single file or multiple files, the maximum range to 400 meters;
4. Signal functions: The IC programming control constant current circuit, constant brightness, the circuit constant current, optimized design discharge protection to prevent battery over-discharge, to ensure that short circuits and other faults will not occur;
5. Green aluminum: Aviation aluminum alloy material, precision CNC lathe processing, military grade hard anodized, wear-resistant and durable, bright colors do not fade, high-hard aluminum alloy casing, waterproof, shock, good corrosion resistance;
6. Battery Type: 2 26650 (A product) lithium battery, charge and discharge performance, self-discharge rate and economic environment, rechargeable pollution;
7. Charging method: do not remove the rechargeable battery with protection of direct charge;
8. Video format: AV1 (support real-time clock in the document displayed on the screen);
9. Video frame rate :> 25fps;
10. Play software: operating system or major audio and video playback software;
11. Support System: 98SE/Windows me/2000/xp/vista;
12. DV resolution: 300,000 pixels (VGA);
13. Photo Mode: JPEG;
14. Photo Pixels: 300K Pix;
15. Image processing: auto exposure, auto white balance;
16. Audio: Built-in MIC;
17. Interface: USB1.1 or more;
18. Waterproof grade: IP65;
19. Weight: 500g (with battery);
20. Smart operation: camera flashlight is simple; the outer surface has three buttons, namely, key lighting, DV key and camera button, which DV key is the power button: Press the power on or off 3S, DV open and close;






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