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Super slim LED Illuminator was Launched
[Pearl Electronics Group]  Rona Tao 
December 25, 2013  

Pearl Electronics Group officially launches Super slim LED Illuminator this year.


Below is the feature for your reference.

◆ Automatic switch
The viewing area will be bright when insert the film and it will be black out when extract the film out.
◆ Adopt with the import Acrylic euphotic panel, high finish degree, uniformity and soft light. Long life for use and not easy to be transmutation and yellow discolouration.
◆ Adopt with LED backlight technology. There is no dark area in the viewing area. The uniformity of the viewing screen is more than 90%.

◆ Take the lead in satisfying the standard of mandatory luminance, evenness, stability, color temperature etc of China X Ray Illuminator YY/T0610-2007 within the same kinds of products in domestic.

◆ Adopt with the global voltage 90V-240V Built-In electrical source. Leading technology, save space.

◆ The highest average luminance for the latest x-ray film viewer is more than 4,000 cd/m²(illuminance 13,000 lux).
This new type of patent product adopt with the international advance technology high luminance LED as the backlight. Compare with the former CCFL for LCD product, the highest luminance increase from 1200cd/m² to over 4000cd/m²≈13,000 lux, it could be used for viewing and diagnosis high density digital film and mammography film.
◆ Nobler thin design
The three-dimensional design frame use silver and dark gray, and the new-style material such as electrophoresis aluminum-alloy, plastic alloy etc. It shows the nobler character. The shape is thin, the thinness is only 4cm.
◆ Luminance adjusting for large-scale(300-4,000cd/m²). It meets the viewing and diagnostic requirement for different density film of simulation, digital and mammography adequately.
◆ The life of LED is 100,000 hours. It is over 5 times than the CCFL lamp.
◆ 9300K white and light-blue light color temperature is more suitable for viewing and diagnosis film than the 6500K white light.



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