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IP PBX was launched
[Pearl Electronics Group]  Rona Tao 
January 19, 2014  

1. Overview

Pearl PES5200 not only meets the demand for basic voice communication, and makes full use of the built-in integration functions. With the powerful unified application, it provides a superior intelligent communications for your users and customers. It’s able to streamline processes, optimize information exchange between systems, and then to create a simple, efficient communication experience. As a highly integrated IP phone system, PES5200 meet independent enterprises, as well as small, medium-sized enterprise networking offices and corporate headquarters communications needs. It provides a complete set of voice communication for the developing enterprises, message processing, networking, meetings, customer management, and unified communications solutions.


Pearl PES5200 support basic services, and provides a wealth of supplementary services such as short message, fax and data services. It can meet a variety of business needs of corporate users. In the same time, the system also provides supporting business server, including voice mail, fax services, call center, attendant console system more flexible, value-added business applications.


2. Features and advantages
 system design
1U 19’’ all-in-one design, high-performance CPU, FPGA, DSP and other hardware chip, professional embedded operating systems and distributed design. With product of a single, compact, PES5200 achieves in rich communication features.
 System capacity
A maximum of 256 registered users, 4 * E1/T1/J1 interface, 256 DSP channels, 100 Road built-in multi-level IVR, and 256 Road, built-in conference resources
 Protocol processing
 Business fuction
PES5200 supports the broadband, narrowband and wireless users, and provides a wealth of supplementary services, the flexible expanded value-added services, short message, mobile roaming and other mobile services, the same time, supports the call center, built-in WEB management.



PES5200 provides solutions for small and medium enterprises to help customers solve the basic voice communications, instant messaging and other business functions. Meanwhile it also provides mobile office, call centers, multimedia conferencing and other value-added applications business. In addition, through integration with existing enterprise information platform, it can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the office customer information platform construction and maintenance, and enhance the company's image and core competencies.






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